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Grocery and Retail Price Checking Kiosks


The in-store barcode scanner price checkers are devices placed throughout a retail store to help customers easily find the prices of products. By simply scanning the UPC barcode on an item, customers can instantly see its price. This is particularly useful in areas where pricing may not be obvious or when items are not individually labeled with prices. Retailers often rely on shelf labeling, but these labels can go missing or products may be misplaced. A price checking kiosk offers numerous benefits to customers and enhances their shopping experience.

Every year millions of shoppers in stores use price scanners either when using self check-out or checking a price on the retail floor. More and more retailers are moving to self-service models, as evident by the rapid growth of self-service checkout lines. There are fewer and fewer store associates on the retail floor so adding any form of self-service, including price checking, is a positive move to maintain a superior level of customer satisfaction. The shoppers perceived lack of customer service might be dulled by the presence of more technology that allows them to get the information they need to make a buying decision.

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