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Smart photo frame function introduction


The "Smart Photo Frame" is a multi-purpose smart electronic device with significant functions in home life and business. The smart photo frame can be used as a smart photo frame in the home. The smart photo frame on the market has some functions and features, and it also has the ones that don't.

First of all, the function of the traditional photo frame is to display the photos, to protect the photos from being oxidized by the air, mold, and rot. At the same time, they also have aesthetic characteristics, which can be used for decoration. Generally, traditional photo frames use a variety of materials, including solid wood materials and plastics for people to choose from. The smart photo frame water card is to add black technology elements to the traditional photo frame, so that the photo frame becomes humanized, intelligent, and has more functions.

In use, the use of smart photo frames is very convenient. Because it contains black technology elements, comes with Bluetooth, wifi, and an independent background management system for each model. The smart photo frame and the mobile phone are connected to each other through Bluetooth. As for the function of Bluetooth, everyone knows that it can not only transfer files, but also transfer audio, video and so on. After connecting to the Bluetooth, the smart photo frame will have a factory QR code when it is turned on. This code must be worth noting, because this code is used to bind the phone ID and the body ID, and it must be scanned with WeChat. Then it will pop up to download an application (background management system) to register.

After downloading, registering and binding, it is very convenient. For example, if you don't want to use this photo in the living room or on the bedside today, the smart photo frame can upload your photo through this background operating system and execute it with one click, and finally you can see the photo you are satisfied with. But there is a small trouble, your photo format is 16:9, otherwise your photo will be compressed or stretched to affect the appearance and not look good.

"Smart photo frame" is not only limited to photo frames, but can also display time, weather, geographic location, etc., but its main value is still in business. Because it can be used for various purposes such as attracting customers and information guides for businesses, most of them are currently used to attract consumers to consume.

"Smart Photo Frame" plays as a standard version of the advertising machine in terms of commercial value. Linlin is exquisite. In fact, Bunsen is an advertising machine that is no different from a wall-mounted advertising machine. It is suitable for different occasions and exerts different advantages. The role of the shopping mall has already been mentioned; in the office building, the smart photo frame is equivalent to the "window of horizon", white-collar workers can relax and enjoy a different world anytime, anywhere Demeanor; in the exhibition hall is a kind of visual feast, the rows of smart photo frame water cards placed on one is equivalent to a splicing screen, coupled with the stunning and shocking video picture is simply hanging! 

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