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The Secret of the Fast Food Restaurant Self Service Ordering Kiosk Makes You Buy More without Knowing it


The selling point of fast food restaurants is that they are fast and value-for-money. On the menu and now at the Fast Food Restaurant Self Service Ordering Kiosk, you can always find many different combinations of packages. And fast food restaurants like to use brighter colors such as big red and big oranges as background colors or matching colors, and then match various attractive food pictures to stimulate customers' desire for consumption.

Allegedly, whether it is menu design or the placement of pictures on the Fast Food Restaurant Self Service Ordering Kiosk, a small trick can be used: the food pictures are as large as possible, and the price is as small as possible, which will give people an impression of "good quality and low price" and make customers invisible. Order more meals. And naming the set meal with numbers saves a lot of time compared to choosing the food one by one. For example, I order a "Set 3" on the counter or self-service ordering machine, which is much faster than selecting "Beef Hamburger, Medium French Fries, Medium Coke" one by one, making people to make decisions more quickly at Fast Food Restaurant Self Service Ordering Kiosk.

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