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Credit card self payment queue kiosk eases the pain of long queues for customers to checkout


With the continuous advancement of technology and the rapid development of the Internet, department stores have already embarked on the road of transformation and upgrading. The enhancement of scene and experience has made stores more and more "fashionable". But no matter how modern the store is, one thing has always existed, and that is the cash register.
For a long time, the cash register has been a pain point in the transformation of physical retail. In supermarkets and shopping malls, there is a long queue waiting for checkout every time. In order to alleviate the phenomenon of "long queues" for customers to check out, credit card self payment queue kiosk came into being.
The magical thing about this credit card self payment queue kiosk is that customers don’t have to go to the cashier to line up to check out, but they pay for the checkout in front of the credit card self payment queue kiosk. The entire process is simple and convenient. I will complete the checkout in less than a few minutes. Now, let me tell you about the process of supermarket credit card self payment queue kiosk checkout:
1. Before taking the goods to be settled to the self-service cash register, align the bar code of the bar code of the product with the scan code port of the machine to scan the code,
2. After the product is scanned, you will hear a beep, and the self-service cash register screen will display the product name, quantity, and price.
3. After confirming that it is correct, choose the checkout method to pay, open WeChat or Alipay's [Receipt and Payment] on your mobile phone, and point it at the code scanning port, and it will automatically deduct the fee.

4. After you click to complete the checkout, it will show that the payment is successful, take out the shopping receipt, take the good things and leave.

The above four operating procedures change the troubles of traditional customers who have long queues. Not only saves time for users, reduces queuing, but also improves stores and cashier efficiency

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