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What can be done when self-checkout, self-ordering and mini-programs are combined?


Face recognition self-service cashier and small program combination

Self-service settlement is now a popular way to settle accounts, and this way can be realized through the installation of self-service cash register, if the installation of face recognition self-service cashier can realize self-service cashier and face brush payment function, but also combined with small programs to achieve more applications.

Can be combined with small procedures for membership management applications. Customers can swipe their face to confirm their membership, scan the goods checkout screen real-time display of membership coupon information, customers can directly click to claim, but also through the mini program to follow the public account, access to more marketing information. It is also convenient for merchants to push online member information and carry out personalized precision marketing.

Face recognition self-service cashier and small program self-service ordering combination

In KFC, McDonald's some chain fast food restaurants now have installed self-service ordering machine, let customers order their own food, reduce the manual ordering queue ordering time. In addition, can also be embedded in the face recognition self-service cashier equipment self-service ordering applets for self-service ordering applications.

In this way, consumers can also order food at the self-service cash register through "face scanning", select the dishes they need and then place an order and pay. The payment can be made by scanning the code or by face scanning. For businesses, it can improve ordering efficiency and reduce the cost of directly quoting self-service ordering machine. For consumers, it can reduce the time of waiting in line to order food, and can also "brush face", namely membership, enjoy preferential benefits such as member points exchange, to provide convenience for ordering food.

Self-service cashier and self-service meal ordering combined with small program applications can also use social platforms to carry out social drainage, expand the way for businesses to obtain customers, and facilitate businesses to understand consumers' consumption habits and member information, and carry out effective member marketing and precision marketing.

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