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The composition and function of the digital art frame


3.The main components of digital art frame
The digital art frame is composed of three parts: LCD screen, PCB circuit board and outer frame. LCD screens can be analog or digital. They are distinguished by size. PCB is the core of digital photo frame because it contains necessary software. For end users, the outer frame is an important standard. The outer frame is usually made of plastic or wood. Some digital photo frames provide replaceable outer frames.

4.The purpose of digital art frame
Digital art frame is not only a fashionable consumer electronics, but also a necessary decoration for families. Inheriting the fashion of digital and the warmth of photo frame, it is widely used. For example, it can be used as business gifts, festival gifts, souvenirs, exhibitions, welfare prizes, modern furniture and wedding dress

Photography, car, digital photography equipment, personal jewelry, etc. With the popularization of digital photo frame, there will be more and more interesting creative applications, which will bring infinite fun to our plain life.
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