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How do I choose between a digital art frame and an electronic photo frame?


Digital art frames are similar to electronic displays in that they can display audio and video materials such as pictures and videos. But there's a difference.


The focus of the display content is different.


An electronic photo frame is an electronic device that displays digital photos on an LCD panel without using a computer, eliminating the need to print photos.


And the digital art frames can not only display digital photos, but also can be used to show appreciation of works of art, famous paintings.


As far as the variety of displays is concerned, there is no need for an electronic photo frame with thedigital art frame, because it can display much more than the electronic photo frame.

The digital art frame uses the lossless gamma technology, which allows it to reproduce the original color realistically. When appreciating a painting, the screen can be made to look like a real canvas. Each pixel can greatly restore the texture of the original work. The picture quality is delicate, even if you are very close, or from the side, you can clearly see the texture strokes of the painting, just like you are admiring the original painting.


It comes in sizes of 21.5-inch, 24-inch, 27-inch, 32-inch and 43-inch. These conventional sizes are more consistent with the daily decorative size. The wooden frame of burlywood /mahogany/walnut can be well integrated in the living room, bedroom, study, restaurant and hotel, with strong applicability. Horizontal and vertical placement can be adjusted according to personal habits, used to accompany children to grow up, cultivate his (her) art cells is also a good choice.


The display screen of the electronic photo frame is imaged by pixels, which is a little rough when you look at it up close. It is made up of many dots. In addition, the size of electronic photo frames is generally small, and the works displayed are relatively limited.


So if you're looking for a advanced decoration, go for adigital art frame. If it is for viewing photos, choose electronic photo frame.

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