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What are the key features of the Self Service Payment Kiosk?


There are more and more types of Self Service Payment Kiosk, and automated product equipment can be seen in many places. One of the more common automated products should be self-service terminal equipment. At the same time, in the banks where people usually come and go, there will be exclusive bank self-service payment machines, which are characterized by being able to operate completely automatically without staff.

Self Service Payment Kiosk Features
1. Streamlined design; personalized operation, simple and practical.
2. The host adopts the industrial control host from well-known manufacturers, with wide temperature and stability.
3. The surface is sprayed with high-quality outdoor plastic powder, which is anti-rust and wear-resistant.
4. Receive common banknotes, which can be easily upgraded to new currencies anytime and anywhere, with a recognition rate of 99%.
5. The safe has passed the safety certification of the Ministry of Public Security of China, which can prevent cash withdrawal personnel from directly touching cash.
6. The movable cash box is flexible in application and convenient for cash takers to operate. Therefore, every bank needs a high-quality self-service payment machine.
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