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Self-service ordering machines help usher in spring in the catering industry .


At the same time, the epidemic has also changed the consumption habits of the public, and the popularity of takeaway has only increased the consumption of food and drink. Although business in the restaurant industry is starting to pick up, "recruitment difficulties" and "expensive hiring" are still problems that are limiting the development of restaurants. More and more restaurant operators are looking forward to a rapid change in the status quo, self-service ordering kiosk began to be highly sought after.

Previously, self-service ordering machines were commonly found in McDonald's and branded shops. Although consumers have become accustomed to this type of ordering, the majority of restaurants still use manual ordering. However, the traditional manual ordering model is obviously limited by the difficulty of recruiting staff and the increasing cost of employing them, so SuiYi has launched the SEK9 to help restaurants save money and make money for them.

With SEK9’s display, consumers can see all the dishes, menus and prices that are presented to them in the restaurant. The machine is also very simple to operate, just choose the dishes you want to order, place your order, pay for it and there is an automatic SMS reminder when you pick up your meal.

This whole set of processes will be originally ordered by the front desk, waiter delivery mode is simplified, in a more self-service way to achieve the whole front desk does not participate, greatly reducing the workload of the restaurant lobby service staff, a good solution to the restaurant manpower shortage, recruitment difficulties, labor costs soaring and other problems, restaurant owners no longer have to recruit people because many things have to be their own personal troubles, but have more Instead, they have more free time to help pack meals in the kitchen, think about promotions and increase turnover. The meagre income, minus overheads, rent, labour costs, procurement costs and other expenses, can sometimes be more than enough to make ends meet, and that will never be the case again.

For customers, SuiYi kiosk is multilingual and can cater for a wide range of people in non-Chinese and Chinese areas, as well as in mobile and local communities. If consumers have any queries, they can make changes directly through the machine and people are more likely to tip when ordering from the Kiosk.

SuiYi self-ordering machine is driving the development of self-ordering with the advantages of effective labour allocation, takeaway and dine-in diversion, and solving trivial problems.The development of kiosks is making restaurant operations easier and may help usher in a new spring in the restaurant industry.
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