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How does an unmanned self-service payment booth complete payment?


The appearance of the self-service cash register is like the self-service ordering machine in the restaurant. In operation, the goods to be settled are placed on the settlement console, and the barcode of the goods barcode is aligned with the scanning port of the machine for scanning; After scanning the goods, you will hear a drip sound, and the self-service cash register screen will display the name, quantity and price of the goods;

 After confirming that there is no error, you can choose the checkout method to pay by WeChat or Alipay. If you choose WeChat payment and align the payment code with the code scanning port, it will automatically deduct the fee. After clicking to complete the checkout, the payment is displayed as successful, and the machine "spits out" a cashier's receipt, which the customer will collect on their own. The entire process is simple and convenient to operate, and the settlement is completed in just a few minutes.
 At present, many supermarkets in the market have seen a significant increase in the two biggest costs of traditional retail, namely labor and housing, which have a significant impact on the retail industry. Many people are seeking new technological solutions; Secondly, young people have a low willingness to seek employment in traditional convenience stores, leading to challenges for industry expansion. And a self-service payment booth directly replaced the position of a revenue officer.

From the supply side perspective, the development of technology in various vertical fields is becoming more mature, such as facial recognition, voice interaction, offline payment, etc. Only one technology integrator is needed to integrate these technology applications, which has the opportunity to form a relatively good business innovation model.

  Security measures:

Install video surveillance in unmanned self-service supermarkets, which can achieve 24-hour 360 degree blind spot free monitoring. If someone carries an unpaid item out of the house, the system will automatically alarm. If the customer is not shopping, just press the exit button when going out. The staff will also monitor the operation status of the supermarket at any time through the monitoring platform.

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