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Palm print payment coming: the future of self-service payment kiosks?


Wechat officially announced the release of brush palm payment function at 21th,May.


In application, palm recognition can be used in a series of scenarios, such as daily shopping payment, company attendance, access control recognition, public transport card swiping, etc.


Palm print payment offers several advantages over traditional payment methods, it has the advantage of being space-sensitive and touch-free, which makes it more convenient than fingerprint recognition and avoids the health risks of physical contact.


Compared with QR code or NFC, this technology successfully unties the mobile phone, and the user does not need to use the mobile phone during the whole palm print recognition process on self-service payment kiosk, even if they do not carry a mobile phone can complete the whole operation process.


Also, palm print payment provides a fast and convenient payment option, as users only need to scan their palm print at self-service payment kiosks to complete a transaction. This eliminates the need for cash or cards, which can be lost or stolen, and reduces the time spent waiting in queues. Secondly, palm print payment is a secure payment method, as each person's palm print is unique and difficult to replicate. This makes it a reliable way to authenticate payments and reduces the risk of fraud and identity theft.


Palm print payment and facial recognition payment are both biometric payment methods, but they rely on different biometric data for identification. Palm print payment is less affected by environmental factors when use at self-service payment kiosks, such as changes in lighting conditions, facial hair, or makeup, making it more reliable in various environments. Facial recognition payment, however, can be affected by variations in lighting, facial expressions, and other factors that may impact the accuracy of the recognition.


Now, palm print payment technology is already being tested and implemented by companies such as Amazon and Tencent. This technology allows users to make payments by scanning their palm prints on self-service payment kiosks, which are unique to each individual. While there are concerns about privacy and security, the convenience and efficiency of this payment method make it a promising technology for the future of payments.


Palm print payment represents a significant leap forward in the world of self-service payment kiosks. Its unique combination of convenience, security, and hygiene make it an appealing choice for businesses and consumers alike. By embracing this cutting-edge technology, self-service payment kiosk providers can enhance the customer experience and stay ahead in the rapidly evolving world of digital transactions.


In near future, our company will integrate this new technology with self-service payment kiosks, pls keep close attention on our website for the news.

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