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There are many benefits of implementing Self Service Checkout Kiosk in food retail applications


According to Rob Meiner, a senior technical sales engineer at Peerless-AV in Aurora, Illinois. “For customers, Self Service Checkout Kiosk provides a faster and more convenient checkout experience, allowing them to control the speed and bagging process. Self Service Checkout Kiosk also provides time-saving benefits for retailers and their employees because The number of employees required for the checkout channel will be reduced, thereby creating more profit opportunities."

Meiner said that another benefit of the Self Service Checkout Kiosk is that retailers can share relevant content with customers because the Self Service Checkout Kiosk is networked and can be accessed and controlled remotely from anywhere using cloud-based software through an Internet connection.

Peerless-AV designs and manufactures standard and customized indoor and outdoor kiosks for many applications in food retail, including self-service payments, digital signage, wayfinding and electric vehicle charging stations.

"We also provide a one-stop solution where customers can seamlessly set up their own kiosks out of the box," Meiner said. "From card readers to integrated touch screens to cameras that collect critical analysis data, our kiosks can be equipped with any technology to improve the customer experience."

Peerless-AV's design team met with retail customers to discuss their needs and budget, and then designed the kiosk accordingly. The company also provides tools to help retailers create kiosks directly on their computers.

"I foresee that supermarkets will integrate the functions and advantages of the Amazon Go model, where customers can enter the store, select items and then leave without queuing or going through the checkout process," Miner predicts.

Coinstar can claim to have invented the self-service coin counter in the early 1990s. Michael Jack, the company’s vice president of products based in Bellevue, Washington, pointed out that although the company still has only one self-service kiosk type in supermarkets, the functions and product categories of self-service kiosks have continued to evolve over the years.

Jack said that Coinstar's turnkey service enables retailers to focus on customers and invest capital and talent where it matters most. In addition, retailers can obtain more value because customers who cash out coins have excess cash on hand and are likely to purchase more items or upgrade their purchase prices to obtain higher basket prices.

Last year, Coinstar launched AdPlanet, a digital advertising platform located above its self-service terminals that provides barrier-free visibility, mapping, tracking and precise positioning functions.

Jack pointed out: "AdPlanet provides retailers with the greatest flexibility in advertising products targeted to their audiences, and can be customized in real time according to time of day, conditions or events. AdPlanet works seamlessly with existing campaigns and systems. Coinstar will continue to Add new products to its kiosks to create more choices for consumers and create more value for retailers."

Frost & Sullivan and other analysts report that Self Service Checkout Kiosk continues to grow globally and in key industries such as retail. Jack pointed out: “We believe that self-service kiosks will continue to exist and will only function. There has been an increase in functions and types."

Between automated delivery and mobile checkout options, more and more grocers are seeking new technologies to maximize the shopper experience.

Dave Loyda, director of strategic planning for Frank Mayer and Associates in Grafton, Wisconsin, said: “The Self Service Checkout Kiosk for grocery stores can provide a simplified experience for customers and employees. Grocery stores can personalize bakery/deli orders and provide Wayfinding and membership program registration options. This frees up time for employees to focus on order delivery, food preparation and more."

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