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Self Service Checkout Kiosk experience


"Quick checkout, fewer queues, and easy choices, to give full play to the freedom of supermarket shopping"

For a long time, large-scale supermarkets have become the "main battlefield" for many consumers to shop with their advantages such as "a wide range of products, complete varieties, and low prices". However, the long line of checkout outlets has made fast-paced consumers "daunt". The appearance of the Self Service Checkout Kiosk has quietly changed things.

At the Carrefour Supermarket in Xinzhongguan, Haidian District, Beijing, Wang Han, a college student born in the 90s, is proficiently operating the machine in the self-checkout area to scan the barcodes of the purchased products. "Now I often use self-checkout, which is convenient and fast." Wang Han said that the self-checkout area has less traffic than manual counters, which can save time in queuing. On the other hand, shopping is a personal matter. Self-checkout saves you from having to listen to cashiers promoting membership cards, and you will not be stared at by many people what you have bought. "I can organize my goods calmly without having to deal with people. The shopping experience is better than in the past."

Ms. Wu, who lives in Lianyungang, Jiangsu, is 50 years old and has a high acceptance of new things. She usually uses the Self Service Checkout Kiosk when she goes to the supermarket. “Usually using WeChat to pay allows cashiers to scan the codes more, but if there are too many lines in the manual counter, I will use the Self Service Checkout Kiosk, which is fast and good.” Ms. Wu believes that it feels good to be integrated into the world of young people. Be "fashionable" by yourself.

"Automatic checkout also has the advantage that you can intuitively see the consumption amount, and you can make a decision at checkout, which is unlikely to be done at the manual counter." Netease blog netizen Xiao Xu, who just entered his freshman year this year, said during manual checkout. , Usually the cashier tells the consumer a limit, and sees the detailed bill after payment, often feel that a lot of money has been spent today. If you feel that something is too expensive and unnecessary during automatic checkout, you can delete it directly to give full play to the freedom of supermarket shopping.

The huge actual demand of consumers has also accelerated the development of Self Service Checkout Kiosk providers. Established in 2015, Multipoint Dmall is a one-stop digital retail service platform, mainly targeting the retail market, aiming to help physical retail companies achieve comprehensive digital transformation, including online and offline integration, full-scenario coverage, full-chain connectivity, and full-channel Management, etc. As of December 2019, Multipoint Dmall has cooperated with more than 90 regional leading retail companies, covering 13,000 stores across the country, and the model has been widely verified. In just a few years, the total number of membership registrations of Multipoint APP has exceeded 75 million, and the number of monthly active users has reached 15 million.
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