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Benefits of Self Service Checkout Kiosk: Reduce supermarket labor costs


"The cost-effectiveness of manual checkout and self-checkout will be further expanded"

In the context of the booming e-commerce business, the benefits of Self Service Checkout Kiosk are not only convenient for consumers, but also provide more space for traditional large-scale comprehensive supermarkets to increase space utilization and reduce labor costs.

"In the process of cooperating with merchants, we found many pain points in store operations. For consumers, as long as consumers queue more than 4 people in the cash register process, the user experience is not good. For merchants, Consumer traffic is not even in one day. The supermarket hires a cashier to work for 6 to 7 hours. The real busy time may be 2 hours a day. The rest of the time is relatively idle, but hiring more people will cause excessive labor costs. Hiring less will make it difficult to meet the needs of the checkout peak, creating a dilemma and affecting the competitiveness of large supermarkets." More Dmall partner and chief marketing officer Liu Guihai said.

Liu Guihai calculated an account: If manual cashiers are used, the cashiers have to change shifts within 2-3 hours at most, and Self Service Checkout Kiosk can be done all the time. In the same physical space, the Self Service Checkout Kiosk not only does not have the problem of shifting shifts, but it can also effectively disperse the passenger flow during peak hours. "At present, if there are 6 to 8 machines in an area, the machine efficiency of a single self-checkout device is 170 transactions per day, while the manual cash register can reach up to 350 transactions. The difference between the two is not too big. This is still because today Self Service Checkout Kiosk is not fully popularized. In the future, with the further popularization of self-checkout, the cost-effectiveness of manual checkout and self-checkout will be further expanded." Liu Guihai said.

Industry insiders pointed out that Self Service Checkout Kiosk not only brought changes to the shopping process, but also changed the role of customers to a certain extent. From the original service object, it becomes an active and free shopper. "I use Wal-Mart's mini program on WeChat, and I use my mobile phone to scan the code for shopping. After the checkout is completed, a QR code will be given. When I go out, I must scan the code on the machine, and then a staff member will come to check and verify. You can go. This way, you can go shopping and scan. After payment, you can leave after checking. When there are few people, you don't need to queue at all." For Wu Zhichun, a Guangzhou citizen, not queuing is a happy thing.

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