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Do you know what a supermarket self service checkout kiosk station is


During the holidays or the seasons, merchants like to do promotional activities during the holidays. At each event stage, customers will line up like a long queue at the checkout counter. Customers are waiting anxiously, and the waiters are too busy with their work. However, self-service merchants have the assistance of supermarket self service checkout kiosk station. This situation has changed greatly. Therefore, how much do you know about supermarket self service checkout kiosk station?
To put it bluntly, supermarket self service checkout kiosk stations are self-service equipment. A barcode scanner is embedded in the cash register, which has barcode recognition, data collection, and data transmission capabilities. It can be connected to the back-end shopping system and mobile payment system to settle the payment. The overall operation steps are not required. Controlled by the cashier, the customer takes the role of the cashier, and self-service scan code products and payment can be done. Let your customers complete the payment quickly, eliminating the trouble of queuing.

The supermarket self service checkout kiosk station only needs four steps, and customers can complete shopping by themselves

Step 1: Customers scan the barcodes of the products they purchased in the barcode scanning window of the cash register one by one;

Step 2: The touch screen cash register will display the name, quantity, and unit price of the goods one by one;
Step 3: After the confirmation is correct, it can support payment by swiping face, WeChat and Alipay;
Step 4: After the payment is completed, the cashier will automatically print the shopping list, take it away and leave.
Such convenient operation not only saves the businessmen's labor salary, welfare, social security and other expenses, but also allows customers to feel the charm of science and technology. This is the end of the introduction to the supermarket self service checkout kiosk station. I believe we will explain that everyone has a general understanding of it and how to operate it. If you want to know more details, you can contact us. We provide detailed text, pictures, and video materials.
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