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Self-service cash register makes shopping more convenient


Nowadays, supermarkets are becoming more and more convenient, and there are good distinctions between various goods categories, so that everyone can have a better shopping experience. But when there are too many people, everyone will face the phenomenon of "5 minutes for shopping and 2 hours for checkout". At this time, the emergence of self-service cash registers is very timely, making your shopping more convenient.

The function of the self-service cash register in our supermarket is to help everyone speed up the settlement and greatly reduce the time in the cashier queue. The cost of the self-service cash register is low, much lower than the cost of labor. Therefore, it is very suitable for supermarkets with a large number of people. Several self-service cash registers can be arranged to meet the daily cashier settlement. At present, self-service cash registers are installed in the settlement areas of many supermarkets, which can play a role in diversion when there are many people, speed up the efficiency of settlement, and enhance the shopping experience of customers.

The whole process of the self-service cash register is self-service. Customers only need to scan the barcode of the product by themselves, and the self-service cash register automatically recognizes the product information. After the scan is complete. Customers click to select payment methods, including payment code payment, scan code payment, face payment, and so on. After the customer chooses, he can pay. After receiving the information, the self-service cashier will send the payment information to the system and print the invoice.
The efficiency of the self-service cash register is relatively high in the long run, with low cost and long working hours. These innate advantages can help us make shopping more convenient, complete the settlement quickly, and bid farewell to the time of long lines.

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