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The development trend of self service checkout kiosk station


Under the development trend of smart new retail, various smart retail terminals such as unmanned convenience stores, face payment, and self service checkout kiosk station are used in retail scenarios to bring customers a different shopping experience. During the epidemic, respond to the call of the country to avoid the need for interpersonal contact.
The combination of multi-product series such as self-service shopping and self-service collection has also improved efficiency for enterprises, lowered costs, changed the traditional way of paying bills, and created a new era for the cash register model. In the past, there were only manual fees. On holidays, there was a large flow of shopping, and cashiers would be busy and overwhelmed. This caused some customers to wait too long, which would also affect their mood. However, since the major supermarkets accept When entering the self-service cashier, many young people will choose to self-checkout. The payment methods include WeChat, Alipay, face recognition and other multi-channel payment modes to bring greater convenience to customers, allowing customers to buy quickly, and skipping the line not only enhances the shopping experience, It also saves the cost of manual cashier for merchants. Although the cashier cannot be completely revoked, a small copy must be kept. As long as it is for the elderly, the two-pronged approach of manual + self-service will bring effective solutions to merchants.
There are also many variables in the cash register market in the future. The rapid development of big data, AI, and 5G will also promote the transformation of cash register/cash register products, bringing in-depth and complete self-service experience consumption to paying customers, and integrating smart new retail into A brand new technology experience area.
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