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What are the highlights of the self-service ordering machine?


With the development of society, young people now like to have dinner together, especially in well-known restaurants, where the flow of people is particularly large. Every meal, there is a line at the entrance of the restaurant to pick up the number. The waiters are also very busy. Sometimes they have to serve dishes and pour water and help. Ordering food, busy dizzy, the business also wants to break these pain points?

Since the arrival of the self-service ordering machine, it has relieved the work of the waiter. What are its highlights? 

1. Customers can complete WeChat ordering by themselves, saving a lot of training time and reducing operating costs.
2. Fully self-service service solves the difficulty that workers are hard to find and hard to use.
3. People can also reduce the error rate and missed orders, improve the efficiency of the service, and increase the turnover rate at the same time.
4. Control the error rate, save communication costs, and reduce the work pressure of restaurant service during peak dining hours.
5. Even in the case of dining during off-peak hours, after entering the store, customers can click on the self-service ordering machine screen to select dishes, and immediately place an order after selecting them, thus saving more time waiting for dishes and improving customers’ dining Sense of experience.
6. The receipt is automatically printed in the front and backstage, and the rear kitchen can sort and print receipts for better efficiency.
7. Online orders can be automatically synchronized with the cashier system, one-click settlement, no manual input is required, the management background is easier and the error rate is reduced.
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