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There is no need to line up to order after the self-service ordering machine arrive


Every time I arrive at a meal, whether it’s a dining hall, a restaurant, etc., there are many people in a long queue to order. I believe that many customers are the same. They are psychologically resistant to this phenomenon and prefer to choose a place with few people. Eat, and don’t want to line up, especially in the hot summer. Standing in line under the sun is like going to a sauna.

The self-service ordering machine is simpler than manual

users who use the self-service ordering machine know that it is more convenient than a manual cashier. When you go to order, you will always ask if you want to try the main dishes in her store. Customers feel impatient, which affects the dining experience and the customers waiting in line.

Self-service ordering machine experience is more friendly

Sometimes there are too many people in the restaurant and it is noisy. The cashier may not hear clearly what the customer ordered, which leads to more talks or other reasons, which leads to conflicts between the two parties and affects the dining experience. The self-service ordering machine can achieve zero-touch interactive ordering, reducing the waiting time for a meal, and it is easier to "social fear" customers who do not like face-to-face ordering. The self-service ordering machine can be used to pay by scanning code and face-to-face payment, and the payment process is faster.

The self-service ordering machine knows you better than humans

When a customer frequently visits a restaurant and proves that the restaurant is more popular with customers, they must like to register as a member. The back-end system will automatically record each customer's hobbies. When the next visit, enter the membership number according to past customer consumption habits , Before recommending dishes suitable for customers.

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