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Types and uses of Digital Art Frame


Digital Art Frame is a photo frame that displays digital photos instead of paper photos.

Digital photo frames can generally be divided into three categories:
1 Simple function digital photo frame (only display pictures in jpg format)
2 Simple multimedia digital photo frame (can also play music and video)
3 Advanced multimedia digital photo frame (usually supports wireless 802.11 connection, but also can download pictures from websites or even emails)
4Digital photo frame printer (you can easily build your own home digital printing shop, allowing family and friends to share the endless fun of digital life)
Most digital photo frames display photos in the form of a slideshow (usually with the function of adjusting the time interval). Some digital photo frames can also play camera video formats such as MPG movie clips or MP3 audio files.
5 Cloud photo frame, that is, network photo frame, supports instant sharing of photos in different places, and builds a bridge of emotional communication for relatives and friends in different places.

The digital photo frame is a fashionable electronic consumer product and a must-have decoration for the family. Inheriting the digital fashion and the warmth of the photo frame, it is very versatile. For example, it can be used as business gifts, holiday gifts, souvenirs, exhibitions, welfare prizes, modern furniture, wedding photography, automotive, digital photography equipment, personal personal accessories, etc. With the popularization of digital photo frames, more and more interesting and creative applications will surely appear, bringing endless fun to our ordinary life.
Can be used as exquisite art frames and photo frames, can be placed on the counter table, can also be hung on the wall as a mural, and can also be used as a dynamic and static advertising machine. Suitable for families, various elegant places such as shopping malls, hotels, hotels, Leisure centers, bars, cafes, corridors, etc.
·No need to use a computer, no need to print, digital photos can be stored in the digital photo frame for display
·Easy to use, just take out the memory card from the digital camera and insert it into the digital photo frame to browse
·Digital photo frame can not only play pictures, but also play pictures while listening to MP3, watching movies, etc.
All-weather photo frame
Many happy lovers and their beloved walk into the newly married palace, wedding dresses, rings, churches, flowers, cakes, wine, ribbons, smiles, moving tears, listening to the wedding march played for themselves, all of this All condensed into the happiest moment in life. When you walk into the church hand in hand, when he wears a diamond ring for you, when you kiss deeply, when the flowers bloom and the ribbons fly, and the smile when the little Taurus is born, I believe no one wants to forget the wonderful moments, so the photo Become a record of love. But have you ever thought that these photos can make your newlyweds reappear? Let the digital photo frame give you "good-looking".
Normal photo frames can only hold one photo, and some photo frames can be placed on both sides. For a newly married lady, the traditional photo frame can hold too few photos. Generally, people who just got married will take more than ten seven-inch wedding photos, but they can’t put them in a photo frame at the same time. However, it is different now. There is something called a "digital photo frame". It turns out that a photo frame can only hold one photo, at most two front and back. The digital photo frame is relatively new, and the price is not much more expensive than the traditional photo frame. It is more suitable for newlyweds who need to add atmosphere to the newlyweds.

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