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Description of Digital Art Frame


Digital Art Frame is a photo frame that displays digital photos instead of paper photos.
Digital photography will inevitably promote the development of Digital Art Frame, because less than 35% of digital photos are printed in the world. Digital photo frames are usually directly plugged into the camera's memory card to display photos. Of course, more Digital Art Frames will provide internal storage space to connect to an external memory card. Digital Art Frame is a photo frame, but it is no longer displayed by putting photos into it, but displayed on an LCD screen. It can obtain photos from the SD card through the interface of the card reader and set the loop display mode. It is more flexible and changeable than ordinary photo frames, and it also gives a new display space for the increasingly used digital photos.

(1) Digital Art Frame is a new type of photo frame that can directly display digital photos without printing out the photos.
(2) It adopts the outer frame (appearance) shape of a traditional ordinary photo frame. The middle photo part of the traditional ordinary photo frame is replaced with a liquid crystal display, equipped with power supply, storage media and other components, which can directly display (play) digital photos. At the same time, Different photos can be displayed (played) cyclically in the same photo frame, providing a better photo display platform and space for more and more digital photos and people who like photos.
(3) The appearance of the Digital Art Frame is the same as that of the traditional ordinary photo frame (of course, the size and style can also be varied as the traditional ordinary photo frame), but the Digital Art Frame does not require the digital photo to be printed and reinstalled like the traditional ordinary photo frame. Display in the photo frame, but by directly inserting the memory card of the camera or directly copying the digital photo to the memory of the digital photo frame, it can be displayed in the photo frame immediately, and it can store and display (play) hundreds or even thousands of photos Photo.
(4) The above three points introduce a single-function digital photo frame (that is, it can only display digital photos). In addition, there is a multi-function digital photo frame, which can play MP3/MP4/slide pictures in addition to displaying digital photos. , Movies/videos/TV, you can also watch e-books, set alarms and calendars, and even download photos online, browse the web, etc.; different types of electronic photo frames are available for people with different needs to have more choices.

Digital Art Frame, its basic principle: The appearance adopts the shape of an ordinary photo frame, the photo part in the middle of the original photo frame is replaced with a liquid crystal display, equipped with power supply, storage media, etc., can directly play digital photos, so that the same photo frame can be played in a loop Photos have more advantages than the single function of ordinary photo frames.

Digital Art Frame has three core components: processor, semiconductor memory and LCD/LED display unit.
Traditional photo frames can hold up to two photos before and after. Some newly-married couples want to display more of their photos in their new houses. However, the Digital Art Frame that appears now can hold thousands of digital photos and is sought after.

The digital photo frame is composed of three parts: LCD screen, PCB circuit board and outer frame. LCD screens can be analog or digital, and they are distinguished by size. The PCB circuit board is the core of the digital photo frame because it contains the necessary software. For end users, the frame is an important standard. The material of the outer frame is usually plastic or wood, and some digital photo frames provide replaceable outer frames.

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