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Aluminum foil coated carbon


Carbon coated aluminum foil is made of conductive carbon composite paste and high purity electronic aluminum foil by transfer coating process.  

Range of application  

Power type lithium battery with fine particle active substance  

Is extremely lithium ferrous phosphate  

Very fine particles of ternary/lithium manganate  

Used for super capacitors, lithium primary batteries (lithium, lithium manganese, lithium iron, buckle type, etc.) instead of etching aluminum foil  


Inhibit battery polarization, reduce thermal effect, improve rate performance;  

The internal resistance of the battery is reduced, and the increase of dynamic internal resistance in the cycle process is obviously reduced.  

Improve consistency and increase battery cycle life;  

Improve the adhesion between the active substance and the collector and reduce the manufacturing cost of the electrode.  

Protect collector fluid from corrosion by electrolyte;  

Improve the high and low temperature performance of lithium iron phosphate battery, improve the processing performance of lithium iron phosphate and lithium titanate materials. 

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