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Shenzhen Sui Yi Touch Computer Co., Ltd. holds employees table tennis match


In order to enrich and invigorate the spare-time cultural life of the company's employees, improve their physical fitness, show their self-demeanor, and enhance communication among employees, Shenzhen Sui Yi Touch Computer Co., Ltd. held a table tennis match on the afternoon of November 6th.


The general manager and the factory director led the "winning team" and "participants" members to compete. The captains of the two teams randomly selected members of the battle, competition was thrilling and the battle of the captains brought a visual feast to the employees particularly. The winners of each game compete again to compete for the top three in this competition. With everyone's laughter and cheering slogans, the game is over.


We actually spend more time with colleagues than with family as we work. This rare entertainment event also gave everyone a better understanding of each other, and found that the people working together around are so cute. Soon, the moment captured on the field appeared on the digital art frame of the company's display wall. Employees also happen to coincide took a group photo in the open in front of the display wall. The sky was getting dark, and everyone had a dinner together, reminiscing about the happy moments of the past together at the dinner table.


This competition provides employees with opportunities to show themselves and continuously improve, promote mutual exchanges between employees, create a positive corporate culture atmosphere, and further enhance the cohesion of the company. Everyone said that they would actively participate in various competitions organized by the company in the future, and at the same time, with full work enthusiasm, they will go all out to do a good job in the company's various business development businesses.

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