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Are Digital Photo Frames Worth it


We hope that some time in the future can recall the past, so we are happy to record the moment and freeze the present. When one thinks about the past moment or talks with a friend, these photos will be turned out and history reproduced. But this kind of leisure is not always there. Digital art frame can recall memories at every inadvertent moment, so as to make us full of expectations for the future and strengthen our heart for the present. Digital art frame rekindles our enthusiasm for life and make us a better version of ourselves. 


Get the digital art framed to decorate our office to promote our corporate culture when customers come to visit our company; put a digital art frame in your dining room to share happy moments with your guests when a new house is being renovated; happy photos hang on the bedroom wall to keep the marriage sweet after marriage; show your new NFT artwork with a better illustration of it. You see, digital art frames’ applications are really numerous. This year, with the popularity of NFT art, we also received a lot of inquiries for digital art frame, wanting to distribute this product, which also confirms our company's foresight in developing this product before, and makes us all see the infinite potential of this emerging market.


I don't know if you feel the same way, but when you look at something beautiful, like a work of art, you get a sense of awe and pleasure. Similarly, we are amazed by what is displayed on the screen.


Not only in life, but also in art. Our digital art screen uses lossless gamma technology, as if you were in a museum looking at the real thing, which present well from all directions.


Digital art frame can satisfy our psychological need to appreciate works of art at any time. It's hard for us to make a special trip to see the paintings or reminisce about the past, and turning on the phone or computer doesn't seem to be the best solution, so we need a permanent home for our photos. 


So what's the difference between our digital art frame and a normal frame?


First of all, the screen uses liquid crystal eye protection, even if the long time to watch the eyes will not be sore, do not worry about damage to the eyes.


Well, you might be worried about electricity. It doesn't matter. Our digital art frame has a body sensing module, and the screen goes off when no one is around to maximize power consumption, which means it uses very little power. And when the person walks in, the screen wakes up again. You can even set the shutdown time.


You are free to choose your preferred channel, USB or APP. I would recommend using app, with a tap on your phone, your work will appear on one or more screens you're attached to, as long as there's an Internet connection.

If you also think the digital art frame market prospect is good, are willing to sell our picture screen, welcome to discuss with us in detail. Looking forward to double win cooperation with you.

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