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Cash Register


Prompt payment, customer satisfaction

Cashier through to the customer purchase information entry, the cash register to make a rapid response, correctly calculate the volume, and shows the receivable money, the amount of money, change information, such as reducing the cashier for the calculation of turnover time, raised the speed of the cashier, especially cashier speed from the commodity bar code technology for three times, reduce the time of a single transaction, Improved operating efficiency, convenient for customers.

Support multiple payment methods

Customer cash payment, check, credit card, foreign currency, gift certificate, bill of lading and other payment methods are supported. Even in the same transaction, pay in a variety of ways, greatly meet the needs of customers at different levels.

Performance statistics for management services

The cash register can record the sales performance of the cashier in the business and the shopping information of customers, and can print a variety of forms of statements, which directly improve the objective basis for the management service for the decision maker.

Accurate accounting, eliminate fraud

The application of cash register makes the enterprise's money and goods under strict control, shortens the checkout time and improves the accuracy and accuracy.

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