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What are the advantages of the self-service cash register?


In recent years, with the steady development of AI and artificial intelligence technology, offline stores in the new retail industry are gradually developing in a digital direction, such as self-service checkout and face payment.  Now many large supermarkets and retail stores are equipped with self-service cash registers.  Now, what are the advantages of the self-service cash register?  


In terms of store operators, self-service cash registers can help merchants reduce labor costs and optimize store staff configuration.  In peak hours, there will be a shortage of human cashiers. If too many cashiers are invested, they will be idle and waste labor costs.  The use of self-service cash registers allows customers to settle their own accounts, which can reduce the input of human cashiers, thus optimizing the configuration of store personnel to a certain extent and reducing the waste of human costs.  


The advantages of using self-service cash registers in retail stores can benefit both merchants and customers by reducing the queuing time for customers in the settlement process.  The self-service cash register provides more "cashiers" in the space of manual cashier, thus improving shopping efficiency and reducing queuing time. 

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